Burnt Mills
Saturday, April 5, 2014

Burnt Mills hosted 20 volunteers this spring, who collected 9 bags of non-recyclable trash, 8 bags of recyclables, 2 tires, and a prehistoric bird.

It was an earnest, industrious band--but this picture is missing some who worked hard but didn't stay for the picture! Many thanks to all who participated!

A bird from perhaps the Jurassic era compares itself to our great blue heron, and those tires have NO tread left. Good thing the owner took them off. But did he/she have to toss them into the Northwest Branch?

Here's a better look at that Jurassic creature. It was imprinted Hong Kong, 1980, but we know it dates from the age of the dinosaurs, showing that the Northwest Branch is a very old stream. :-)

Leader Larry Hush, with John Fay and John Kester, consolidated the bags, reducing the number and increasing the heft. Orange bags are trash, clear bags are recyclables. Colorful, but why do we have to do this twice a year?