Bel Pre
Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cub Scout Pack 763 tackled the accumulated trash along Bel Pre Creek near the Matthew Henson Trail. From the mud and along the banks they pulled 20 bags full of trash (about 5 recyclable), a very soggy rug, two bikes, a shipping pallet, and even a safe. Super thanks to these cub scouts, their leaders, and parents for de-littering this section of Bel Pre Creek, a major tributary of the Northwest Branch!

Cub Leader Bill Totten, Joe Moeller, and Ron Wick lend their larger size and strength to the efforts of Jahmoore Long, Lucas Moeller, and Michael Fernandes to get a large rug out of the mud. At this point, the rug won. But in the end, the rug was dragged to the pickup point and sent off to the incinerator with the rest of the trash.

James Graham, the new NNWB president, strikes a pose balancing
on mid-stream stones--just before taking a misstep and getting very wet.

Christian Martin pulls a bike tire from the streambed,
while Carter Hill, Jaden Somers, and Allison Adams-Jones (adult) look on.

Joey and Lucas Moeller (rear), Jahmoore Long, and Michael Fernandes
bring in a shipping pallet. That thing is heavy!

And finally, most of the triumphant, somewhat muddy group assembles with some of the collected litter. Left to right top row: Yolanda Lopez, Flo Weinter, Bill Totten, Liz Meier, Pack Leader Jackie Fary-Moeller, NNWB President James Graham, and
Meenakshi Fernandes. And cubs: Jahmoore Long, Graham Wick, Jaden Somers,
Lucas Moeller, Joey Moeller, Carter Hill, Michael Fernandes.