Kemp Mill Project 2013

Original Posting
Anne Ambler
March 15, 2013

Update by Anne Ambler
Mar 22, 2013

Boulders are now on site to shore up the bank and protect the sewer line. But there's still water in the stream bed.

Pumps are pushing water through all three pipes and at least the immediate stream bed looks dry.

After its course over land, the Northwest Branch plunges like Niagara Falls over the banks beyond the work zone. Note the sheet of black plastic at the outfall protecting the bank from erosion. At quitting time, the crew turned the pumps off, so Niagara dwindled to a trickle.

Three green pumps are doing the job, their intake and outflow pipes crossed.

Photo by Lew Clayman

The black plastic-covered dam just upstream from the pipes has an opening that workers intend perhaps to close while they are working in the stream bed.

Photo by Lew Clayman

Capturing and rerouting a stream the size of the Northwest Branch is no small matter. The effects of this operation go far beyond the intended armoring of the stream bank.