Kemp Mill Project 2013

Original Posting
Anne Ambler
March 15, 2013

Update by Anne Ambler
May 2, 2013

Work on the bank and stream remediation made necessary by Superstorm Sandy continued through April. Follow the process and the result right here.

Dirt dredged from the streambed is used as fill behind the wall of boulders. (4/3/13)

From this angle, looking upstream,
we can better see the overall structure of the remediation.

In order to filter sediment from the bottom water of the NWB as it is pumped around the work site, workers used this thing resembling a water mattress. (4/3/13)

But running so much water over an unprotected bank had the usual result: new bank erosion, which doubtless put quite a bit of new sediment into the NWB.
Now what exactly was the reason for filtering the bottom water? (4/3/13)

And back to the remediation, again looking upstream. By April 16, the boulders were set, filled, burlap covered the fill, and a few grass sprouts were coming through.
The banks are now sloped back from the stream, and ramps are visible leading up the banks. These are not for launching boats,
but aim to help reduce the velocity of the water.

This photo, looking downstream, more clearly shows one of these ramps, and another device placed in the current with the intention of
directing water to the middle of the channel. (4/16/13)

And ta da, we have gone from this situation after Super Storm Sandy took a big bite from the bank, risking the buried trunk line of the sewer. (Downstream view, 11/10/12)

To this, again looking downstream, on 4/30/13.

And upstream, same day.

The water flows again here, but the roar of pumps can still be heard. The action has moved downstream to the pedestrian bridge, where major boulder installation is underway. Stay tuned.