Lamberton Tributary Cleanup
Saturday, April 5, 2014

Seventeen volunteers led by Jennifer Chambers of HikingAlong pulled 18 bags of trash and 13 bags of recyclables, plus 2 tires, metal piping, and various car parts from the Lamberton Tributary valley of the Northwest Branch.

It all started at the registration table
at the end of Lamberton Drive in the Kemp Mill neighborhood.

What's a beach ball doing so far from the beach?

Site leader Jennifer Chambers shows off the blue bag for trash, yellow for recyclables.

Ed, Roger, Nathan, and Fred appear pleased with the morning's work.

Even more pleased are Dave Pettit, Kelsey Kerle-O-Brien, Doug Siglin,
Kara Siglin, Chris Ferrell, and Fred.

Here lie the results of their labor. The volunteers are right to be pleased with their work, but one still has to wonder, why are these cleanups necessary,
when the county provides trash and recycling pickup services?