by Anne Ambler

Garlic Mustard Yank
May 3, 2014

After so much rain, one would expect the Garlic Mustard would be easy to pull--but that's not taking into account the prickly wineberry it is often hiding in, or the shiny tri-leaved poison ivy popping up everywhere under foot.

Here is the quarry. It doesn't put up much of a fight
if pulled gently but firmly straight up.

But here's a spoiler, always ready to attack.

James Togashi looks as though he is enjoying the challenge.

Gretchen Schwartz pulled out this patch and then headed deep into the woods.

Ken Lefler is caught in the Garlic Mustard crouch.
With pants tucked inside socks, he's tick savvy.

Yuri Nakai tackled a veritable field of the stuff and
stuffed that bag very very full.

John Fay is grinning now, but after 2 hours' work, will he still?

Mark Ranze is conqueror of his hillside and all its Garlic Mustard.

And finally, Kathy Michels savages a patch near the trailhead.

The 9-person group poses triumphantly with its 13 bags--weighing no doubt something on the order of 650 pounds. But this time we didn't weigh it. L-R, James Graham, John Fay, Gretchen Schwartz, Mark Ranze, Yuri Nakai, Kathy Michels, Ken Lefler, and in front, James Togashi. The 9th is the photographer, Anne Ambler.

We don't anticipate eradicating Garlic Mustard from this site, there's so much. But we have certainly set it back. Spring Beauties were in evidence and now will have a little better chance. Many thanks to all who helped!