James Graham, NNWB President, gives testimony on Bill 52-14, Non-Essential Pesticides to the Montgomery County Council on January 15, 2015. PDF file
- posted Jan 26
What were 20 neighbors doing Oct. 25 at Burnt Mills? Check it out!
- posted Oct 27
This youtube video is from the installation of 4 conservation landscapes at St. Camillus Catholic Church off New Hampshire Ave which Jenny Reed and Kit Gage supervised. The project received grant money from Silver Spring Green, and hopefully a county rebate as well. It was a two day project – one of digging and another of planting.
- posted Oct 9
Garlic Mustard along Kemp Mill Rd. at NWB Trailhead yields to combined yanking pressure of 9 NNWB members.
- posted May 5
The heavy rain of April 30 caused significant damage to the Colesville Road bridge over the NW Branch.
- posted May 3
The first weekend in April smiled on volunteers de-littering the Northwest Branch. Check it out! One more to go, April 27, W. Hyattsville Metro.
- posted Apr 10
Just what was NNWB up to last year? Check it out.
- posted Mar 10
NNWB along with the Sierra Club encourages Maryland House of Delegates to support this bill, which would enable the counties of Maryland to reduce the use of disposable shopping bags.
- posted Feb 24
NNWB urges protection of Ten Mile Creek, our last best stream and significant contributor to our emergency drinking water supply. Letter to County Council members.
- posted Jan 16
A tidy little group, adequate to the task, planted some native flowers and grasses amid the stilt grass just above the Burnt Mills Dam.
- posted Nov 27
38 NNWB volunteers removed litter from 2 sites along the NWB while enjoying some gorgeous fall weather on Nov. 2! Next time: spring.
- posted Nov 10
Corinne Lackner Stephens' latest blog posting to the Friends of Sligo Creek blog on Wheaton Patch.
- posted Aug 8
Check out these giant woody friends in our watershed!
- posted June 29
in the NW Branch stream valley.
- posted May 14
Saving the pedestrian bridge--because log crossings are not for everyone.
- posted May 3
Anne Ambler continues her report on the work on the bank and stream remediation made necessary by Superstorm Sandy.
- updated May 2
Our team of sleuths set out Mar. 23 to find answers.
- posted Apr 2

Northwest Branch Recreational Park Master Plan framework

NW Branch Recreational Park Master Plan: description for Planning Board

Northwest Branch Watershed Study
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Rachel Carson Greenway Trail Corridor Plan

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